Criminal Law

Hiring the best criminal advocate on your case who understands the case well makes a huge difference. Choosing an advocate from Pride Legal Consultants means that you will have the exposure to years of practical experience of the courts with unexcelled knowledge and expertise and who will treat you in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession.

We are the best legal service providers in tri-city. We understand that the life of someone innocent might be at stake. So, it is imperative that a criminal lawyer should be equipped with accurate knowledge and an insight that leads justice to the client. Through our experience in the courts while defending our clients, we have earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and police officers as aggressive advocates who often challenge them on arduous cases. Our philosophy is to utilize all means possible to resolve disputes outside the courtroom. But in case if informal resolution fails, we represent the interests of our clients with full strength and passion through the judicial process from start to finish.

Our area of representation ranges from:

• Supreme Court
• High Courts
• District Courts

Our practice areas of criminal law include:

• Violent Crimes, such as assault, aggravated assault, murder, homicide, manslaughter and criminal negligence.
• Domestic Offences.
• Narcotics and Drugs Offences
• Property Crimes, including theft and property damage.
• White Collar Crimes.
• Workplace Violations, including problems of fraud and theft in the workplace.
• Quasi-criminal Offences
• Juvenile Offences
• Quashing of FIR
• Criminal Writs
• Complaints
• Bails, Trials, Appeals
• Revisions

We understand that when an advocate is hired on to a case, he is responsible for the well-being of our client and his or her family. Therefore, at Pride Legal Consultants every action taken by our advocates on behalf of our clients will reflect this understanding. To that end, our expert criminal advocates are capable of zealously advocating the interests of their clients in the court room and permit no unjust harm to them. Our advocates are dedicated through their unmatched skills, creativity, and years of experience in achieving the necessary level of resources toward the defense of our clients.