Civil Law

With the recognition of best legal providers, the advocates of Pride Legal Consultants have been confidentially rated by their peers as possessing the highest legal ability and sticking to the highest ethical standards. The specialized civil advocates at Pride Legal Consultants have vast experience with the various gamut of enactments of Central and State legislatures pertaining to civil laws. They include complex administrative matters, arbitrations, and mediations. We understand this and give each case the attention that it deserves. Only after an in-depth study of the case, do we advise our clients to move forward. Our extensive experience and the variety of cases that we’ve handled have enabled us to be counted among the best practising civil advocates in India.

Our area of representation ranges from:

• Supreme Court
• High Courts
• District Courts
• Consumer Disputes Forum (National, State, District)

Our practice areas of civil law include:

• Special Leave Petitions
• Transfer Petitions
• Writ petitions
• Appeals
• Suits for injunctions
• Recovery Suits
• Suits for eviction, mesne profits, and damages
• Suits for specific performance of contract.
• Insolvency
• Consumer Law
• Summons
• Legal Notices

Our team’s focus is to assess cases as early as possible and efficiently based on the information readily available, provide thorough early evaluations for our clients and indulge in expert and productive litigation, should it be necessitated. For filing and defending civil law suits, Pride Legal Consultants come forward as a trusted partner to help you and guide you through without causing unnecessary expenditure or wastage of time. We stand by our clients throughout the case and offer them with the best possible solutions to their problems.