Corporate law

We, Pride Legal Consultants are a leading name in the field of offering Company Law Advisory Services. With Companies functioning in India governed by Companies Act, 1956, each company needs to get registered with Registrar of Companies (ROC) and file the necessary documents for different statutory requirements. Our advocates advise on the best legal structure for our clients’ businesses in accordance with Indian law, and assist in preparing and filing applications for investment approvals and business permits, drafting joint venture agreements, articles of associations, as well as assist in preparing documents and necessary filings to government authorities for changing of shareholders, directors and commissioners, general meeting of shareholders and amendment of articles of associations.

Our corporate legal team has vast experience in all the facets of corporate law thereby making it possible to be the best legal service providers. From drafting and formation to litigation, we have successfully resolved numerous corporate law issues and have the necessary knowledge and gained experience to effectively handle all of your corporate law needs. Providing quality legal support and counsel to our clients is the first priority. Our advocates are responsive, thorough, and prepared. We understand our results will have a lasting impact on our clients.

Here, our team of experts assists firms to:

• Interpret and comply with rules and regulations
• Acquisition of corporate assets
• Formation of companies (Private or Public Limited)
• Accounting matters like statutory disclosures, deadlines and exemptions
• Matters affecting share capital and distributions
• Closely held business
• Corporate and securities law
• Corporate governance and compliance
• Corporate trust services
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Organization of business
• Private equity
• Projected development and finance
• Seeking Licenses and Approvals for start-up
• Other different provisions as applicable to Company

With the advent of Globalization and Industrialization taking place at a rapid pace the world over today, we are faced with Crimes of a nature which is becoming institutionalized and hard to detect. Corporate Crimes has become a major challenge to the legal fraternity, the law makers, and the law enforcers. Corporate crimes in a globalize economy has no borders and can affect the economies of countries on a large scale. Keeping in view the disadvantages brought by the changing economy we provide our clients with the best legal services and advice in dealing with such Corporate Crimes like:

• Computer and internet fraud,
• Credit card fraud,
• Phone and telemarketing fraud,
• Bankruptcy fraud,
• Healthcare fraud,
• Environmental law violations,
• Insurance fraud,
• Tax evasion,
• Financial and securities fraud,
• Insider trading
• False and misleading advertising,
• Illegal exploitations of employees,
• Mislabeling of goods,
• Violation of weights and measures,
• Selling adulterated foodstuffs
• Evading corporate taxes
• Misappropriation of funds
• Work place crimes
• Data theft