Matrimonial Law

The breakdown of the marital relationship can involve a number of Family Law issues. Being recognized as the best legal service providers, we are smart, aggressive and we know well what is required to be done for winning case. We protect our clients and their families with the same intensity as we would for our own families.

We provide high level client service and personal attention, combined with timely and efficient communications which helps our clients to cope up with issues as and when they arise. We, at Pride Legal Consultants, provide a comfortable, professional office environment and take an active approach to address the legal problems of our clients. With the best team of finest advocates, we support our clients through the depth of our knowledge and experience in various aspects of matrimonial and family laws.

Considering the delicate issues associated with family law, we are committed to obtaining favorable results for each of our clients by providing those results in a cost-efficient and practical manner.

Our areas of specialization are as follows:

• Divorce
• Dowry demand complaint cases
• Alimony cases
• Judicial Separation
• Domestic violence
• Police protection
• Maintenance
• Restitution of conjugal rights
• Adoption
• Guardianship
• Custody of child / children
• Muslim laws
• Inheritance & succession
• Probate and wills
• Partition

At Pride Legal Consultants, we have assisted clients facing a variety of life altering changes, from the financial and emotional challenges due to a divorce. As a team of experts we completely understand all the complexities involved and we make best efforts to help our clients meet justice. For matrimonial disputes, not only are we the most efficient advocates, but we also stand firm with our clients as a friend in troubled times, just as you want us to be.