Public Interest Litigation

The public interest litigation advocates at Pride Legal Consultants have been successfully handling different kinds of litigations over the years. A commitment to public service has always been deeply entrenched in our work culture. Public Interest Litigation is actually meant for the compliance of fundamental and other legal rights of the people who are poor, weak and unaware of legal redressel system due to their social or economic background. Those who come to us for PIL help often have experienced some harm or injury that is shared by others, so we look for opportunities to make a larger impact through our PIL work.

Pride Legal Consultants represent causes for public good. The goal of our team and Public Interest Litigation practice is to attain excellent results for our clients in need. Our public interest litigation advocates have experience with a variety of cases to give them skill and proficiency enough to handle any kind of litigation case.

Pride Legal Consultants make sure that the voice of the public does not go futile and that justice is attained in the end. The public interest litigation advocates at Pride Legal Consultants are dedicated towards filling the gap between the public and justice in the best way possible. We also understand that at times Public Interest Litigations can turn out to be quite sensitive because of the political implications or the involvement of some big and powerful name. Nevertheless, we assure that we will help you stick to your cause and we will fight for justice, no matter what it takes. Every single advocate in our team feels that it is our personal duty to stand against any violation of the provisions of the Constitution.